Maybe sour crop but I don't know...


Apr 21, 2015
Hello BIC members, I have a black and white striped chicken that over the past few days has been a little lethargic not eating much but is walking around and gets excited for your morning treats but only eats a few. Her crop never gets really full but it is mainly watery and squishy like a balloon. Overnight it doesn't empty it just gets watery. Her poop is like a clear diarrhea with a little white and brown but just mainly the clear watery stuff, and she has a distinct odor to her that is really potent. I believe it is sour crop but I'm not 100% sure, I have been feeding her scrambled eggs and she eats a few pieces and loses interest. Any suggestions would help drastically!! She is losing weight slowly so please help!!!
thanks!!!!!!! Any known cures that I could do for fast fix?? Sorry I had to write fast.. Sounds like a 2 year old wrote it!
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