McMurray chicks arrived this morning!

Eric in NC

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11 Years
Dec 5, 2008
Picked up my chicks this morning - 3 Silver Seabrights (one thrown in as a free extra), 2 Golden Seabrights, and 30 others (golden campines, silver spangled hamburgs, Buff Orps, Black Australorps, Silver Laced wyandottes). Haven't been able to ID my free "exotic" yet (unless it is another of the ones I ordered).

All well except one G. Seabright (still alive when I got them but wouldn't drink, move, open eyes etc.) and one SLW (looks crippled - not spraddle leg - stands fine but falls to one side every time it trys to walk and can't get back up - can't make it to food or water on her own...).

One of the silver seabrights isn't as perky as the rest - don't know if it will make it either. Trying to get it to drink as much water (with quick chick) as possible and have it in a warm, quiet place (away from the "big" chicks!).

I have heard that the seabtrights are delicate and hard to raise. True?
I have no experience with sebrights myself, but I have read that about them. That they are delicate and hard to raise to adulthood.

Good luck with your other chicks - hope they make it.
I am not familur with sebrights sorry, but we need some photos
I have never had Sebrights but I have heard that the chicks have a high mortality rate.. again this is just hear-say. But all your birds are beautiful breeds goodluck with them.

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