McMurray Special Assorted Bargain vs. Estes Assorted Rainbow Layers?? Anyone have any experience wit

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    I am looking at McMurray Hatcheries Special assorted bargain which sounds pretty neat. 25 straight run chicks of many different possible breeds, just whatever they have a surplus of after all the other orders are filled.

    Estes has a Rainbow Layer assortment, that is pretty straight forward. A combination of 25 white, brown and tinted egg laying pullets.

    I have never ordered from a hatchery before so I have no experience with any hatchery. I have only ever bought from my local feed store, which I believe does order from Estes, so in that respect I am happy with the chicks I got from them.

    Price is definitely a factor, combined with the fact that I want a variety of chickens, and I ideally would like white, brown, and tinted eggs. I also want a rooster.

    The chicks from my local feed store this season are ranging from $3-$4 a chick, and they so far are not carrying a variety I am happy with.

    McMurray's assortment, including shipping, comes out to about $2.60 per chick. With this I know I am just going to get what I get, and am risking 50%+ being roos.

    Estes' rainbow pack, including shipping, comes to about $2.42 per chick, which is a significant savings I think, considering they are pullets. I do want mainly pullets, but I do want a few Roosters. With Estes only offering a 90% accuracy guarantee on sexing, should I expect a rooster. Also their website says it will only be 3 breeds, which is not as large of a variety as I would have liked.

    I am most inclined towards the special bargain from McMurray, although the $10 I would save at Estes is appealing. The only real draw to buying at my local feed store again is that I wouldn't have to take 25 chicks. But I was already planning on getting 12-15 and the price of 15 at my feed store is the same price as the special bargain from McMurray, shipping at all.

    So I am interested in hearing from anyone who has ordered Estes' Assorted Rainbow Layer pack. When you ordered 25 pullets did you get 25 pullets or did you get 22 pullets and 3 roos? Also how much of a variety in breeds did you get?

    And anyone who has ever ordered the special assorted bargain from McMurray did you get a variety of breeds and enough pullets that you were satisfied?

    Also anyone that has experience with both hatcheries, if you were me choosing between these two assortments from these two hatcheries, what would you choose?

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    I ordered 15 of the rainbow layers. I received 4 Silver Spangled Hamburgs, 4 EE, 1 golden laced polish, 2 I don't quite remember, possibly RIR, and 2 Buff Orpingtons. I was very happy with the quality of the birds. I would have liked a little more variety since I got 4 each of 2 breeds. The free exotic was a white crested black polish, who I love! I don't know much about EE's but these layer white eggs. I would order from them again. I hope this helps.

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