me agine vern I have a oaks mfc brooder

dam danny

7 Years
Nov 4, 2012
sylvester georgia
I have a oaks mfc brooder that has been in my family for 45 or more years got it out boiled it in a keddel outside under a fire it still works great but I can only find one of the 3 feeders for it my dad had the one that i do have is a littel rusty so im thinking about making some new ones out of fibber glass or I can weld some but the fibber glass sound better I can keep them cleaner what y`all think
Sounds good to me, as long as nothing they can "peck" away. I probably prefer metal, as I know I can clean it completely, depends on your fiberglass though! Good luck and welcome to BYC!
in the 80`s i made bass boats so im pretty good with it have started on the mold looking good just like the old one see if i weld one then it is going to rust where the weld is an if i solder it then thirs lead but this seems more bullit proof

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