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Mar 8, 2009
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I started my chicken adventure about two years ago with about 12 straight run chicks. 7 of them turned out to be roosters! I ended up trading some roosters for a couple of established silver laced wyandottes. And then later traded my one polish rooster for an beautiful rooster. Sadly over the last 6 months or so, I've lost my polish hen, my beautiful rooster and one of the SLW, all at different times. I was also given a set of beautiful white pekin ducks.

I'm planning on getting about 10-12 pullet chicks from Atwoods in the next couple of weeks and hopefully be able to add to the flock. The hens I have now are the SLW, a black australorp and one that is a reddish color, not sure of what type she is....but she is the one that rules the run...she doesn't like anything new and runs the other birds around. My male duck also likes to chase my SLW and she spends a lot of time up on the roost away from I'm not sure how easy it will be to bring new, young birds into the coop. Any advice on introducing youngsters to the old birds?
I tried to add a bantam sized feather footed chicken to the group last fall and those hens ran that little bird all over the run and pecked at her mercilessly until I ended up just finding her a new home.

My girls and my female duck stopped laying months ago and I was beginning to worry about them, but posted here about it last week and they suddenly started laying, slowly, but still laying, this week. I'm hoping that they will get back up to all three hens laying everyday again...I miss those fresh eggs.

Oh and I might get me another rooster..I miss the crowing in the morning!

Just wanted to introduce myself and my girls to ya'll...I'm looking forward to learning from everyone.

Southeast Oklahoma

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from TN


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from NY! I also was attracted to the Polish, they really are beautiful fowl and sweet birds. We also have some ducks, Muscovies. I don't know what I'd be without my chickens.

You'll learn alot here. The forum can be very addicting!

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