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Mar 9, 2014
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My adult daughter and her husband recently came to stay with us while they are in transition to living here near us ( :celebrate). She inherited the crazy chicken lady gene from me and had to sell off her flock for the move, so shes quite enjoyed being able to share my flock., and shes helped me leap into a couple new ventures we'd both been of which is raising our own meal worms.
We went with a "self sorting" design. Two plastic bins, one that basically rests suspended within the other, screen bottom on the suspended one. Beetles in the top, worms in the bottom.
We ordered a starter package from a fellow here in Oregon and they arrived a couple of weeks ago....beetles, worms and pupae. So far, so good. A few dollars for wheat bran and oat meal from the bulk bins at winco, a carrot and a potato and we are in business.



The whole thing is in the broom closet and you'd never know they were there unless we showed you.
The girls love the live worms!


Mar 22, 2017
I too started raising meal worms back in March. I'm not using the self-sorting setup but rather manually sift the beetle bin to get the eggs and baby worms into a separate bin. I also periodically sift the worm bin and put the pupae in with the beetles. A bit more effort but not like I have to sort all the time.

I just sorted today and could see tiny new worms! So excited! I'm hoping in a few more months I'll have enough worms to start feeding to the hens. They love meal worms so I figure the live ones will be a better treat than the dried ones.

I've been using paper towel cardboard tubes for the beetles to hide in but maybe I'll add some egg cartons per your pic. I've only been feeding carrots because I noticed they ignore potato if carrots are available. I also tried apple slices but they still choose the carrots.

Also, for the beetles, I bought water absorbing granules and put them in a shallow, small glass ashtray so the beetles have access to water without drowning.

Looks like a good setup you have. Thanks for sharing!

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