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    Aug 24, 2011
    I have a question about mealworms. I have a little 3 drawer mealworm farm happening and have a lot of beetles now for a good few weeks. I don't have a wire screen under them for the eggs to fall through. I am worried that the beetles will eat their eggs and the new little worms. I keep checking but haven't seen any babies yet? I haven't documented exact dates etc. as I don't have time to do that at present. They have plenty of subtrate and I keep moisture up to them (probably too much so will start to reduce it since reading more information on BYC as I don't want to start having a problem with mould) but I am worried the newbies are getting eaten. I have had to go out and buy more mealworms from a pet shop to keep my "Golden Girls" supply going until I get some from my own farm. I only give my girls a few mealworms each every day. Please help.

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