mealy worm/bug question


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Mar 22, 2011
I just got 5000 mealy worms delivered. Question: I see some bugs already developed in the grouping. Will they get cold and dormant in the refrigerator with the mealy worms or will I have bugs in my own food??? Yuck! I'm trying to pick them out but.... I'm sure I'll miss some.
yes they will go dormant in the fridge. they don't fly and they can't climb a straight side if you are raising mealworms you will be fine keeping them in a plastic tub with a couple of inches of space left between the top of your bedding/feed and the top of your bin. I have 2 colonies going continuously with multiple thousands of them at all stages of development, haven't had an escapee yet. I just scoop them out and put them in plastic cups with lids that have holes to store in the fridge as they build up.
Adult mealworm beetles are not roaches, and generally are unable to reproduce once they get loose. Their young live in dry grains, which is not something you have in abundance unsealed around the house. And, yes, the cold of a refrigerator will put just about any insect into dormancy.

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