Mean chickens beating on each other causing some trauma

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  1. Cuttlefishherder

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    May 24, 2010
    Tucson AZ
    We have three barredrocks and they are the coop bullies, they pull the other chickens out of the nest boxes by the comb, its gotten really graphic lately with a bloody comb that bled all over the poor chickens head and looked worse than it was(but still pretty bad). We would like to know if there is any thing yall could tell us that so that we could mend the comb and if there is a way to prevent the three bullies to stop what they are doing... we also have some coughing chickens if there is a medication to cure this please let us know [​IMG]
  2. amberroswell

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    Jul 2, 2010
    north muskegon
    I have 3 buff orphingtons that are our coop bullies and for them Ii put them in a smaller cage inside the run of the coop for a little while like a time out and they did not like it and when they came out they were acting much better, and now if they have a bad day I put the cage in there they see it and i do not seem to have much problems from them. sometimes kids need time outs [​IMG]

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