Mean chickens


Apr 19, 2021
So I bought a 1 year old Ayam from a lady on Facebook. I give her my money and she walks me to the coop and tells me to pick my chicken. So I was given a net which made the chickens go crazy she then tells me that her chickens are not pets. Meaning the wings are not clipped so they fly at your face. So I made the lady grab me a chicken and call it a day.

All my friends and my self our chickens free range and any time someone has food all the birds run up to you. My new hen dosent come up to me or get back in the coop when I fill the feeders...... All my other chickens I have raised since they were days old and idk if this new older hen will be able to train like my other chickens. Any tips and tricks are welcome


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Jul 3, 2016
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My Coop
How is she "mean" to you? The described behaviors are all fear, so what is she doing that you feel that she's too mean?

She'll never be a cuddly pet but if you give her some distance and time to get used to you and your home, she should eventually at least accept food from you.

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