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    I got my Rhode Island Red with three other pullets to add to my small flock. They were 4 months and are now five months. Two of the pullets are Rhode Island Reds, and one is sweet and gentle, but when I get near the other one, she attempts to peck me[​IMG]. What can I do other that just holding her and all of that? All 4 of the new girls are skittish and flighty, but I mostly raise my hens from chicks and don't have experience with rude ones. I'll take all of the advice I can get. Thanks!
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  3. RIR can be aggressive..I have had them before. I no longer keep Red birds.

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    Welcome to BYC!

    More info would be needed before any viable advice could be given.

    How many and what ages are the existing birds?
    How long have you had them?

    How big is your coop and feet by feet?

    How did you add the 4 new 4-5 month old birds to the existing flock?
    Did you just toss them in....or keep them separated by wire for a time?
    Are you certain you don't have a male in the new group?
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    Thanks! I only had two before I got the four. I had a friend pick them up and toss them in with the other two... they get along fine. I am 99.999999999% sure I don't have a roo. Thanks for the help![​IMG]
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    You could post a pic to be 100% sure its not a rooster
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    Sorry, It was raining for the past week and I didn't want to get the phone wet. here are your pictures. Isn't she(I hope!!!) cute? PLEASE tell me she isn't a roo!!!!!


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    Now they want me to get my pictures approved, because I "don't currently have permission to post outside pictures"[​IMG][​IMG] It might be a while before I have permission. assuming she is a she, what should I do? does anyone know if pinless peepers actually help?
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    Here are a couple of photos of RIR cockerels I stole from google images. Maybe this will help.


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    Now it's posted![​IMG]So, do you think Little Red is a he or a she?[​IMG]

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