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May 6, 2013
My rooster and girls are 17 weeks and my rooster has just started attacking us!! Not the girls.(yet that we know of) Any suggestions on what to do? We had no intentions of having the rooster in the first place but was accidently shipped one. Do we separate him into a single cage in the coop? He will be supper but don't know at what age we should do that also. HELP
He thinks he is doing what he is supposed to do, protect his flock. You have to back him down and teach him that he's not allowed to do this to people. Walk toward him til he backs off, wave your arms and run at him, even pick him up and carry him around like a football, just generally show him you are in charge.
Thank you for the help. He wont let me pick him up, he is very scared of me. I just hope that I can get this aggressive roo to not attack anymore before it gets worse.
Yep! Absolutely what flockwatcher said. You have to muscle him and show you are in charge. Every day, consistently and with force. Do it early when he is young or it will get harder as he ages. If he runs from you, you will have to corner him but my husband uses a fishing net. It has a handle on it and he can scoop up the bird without hurting him and then grab a hold of him. The net actually works as a signal to the bird...everytime you walk out with the net, the roosters knows the boss is coming and it shows that you are in charge. eventually, you can phase the net out and the bird will learn that just your presence means "sit down and do what I say".

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