Mean silkie bantam rooster?


10 Years
Aug 5, 2009
Lithia, FL
My blue roo has begun to bite when we reach into the cage. He isn't mean beyond that. I'm guessing he doesn't see us at first because of his crest? He seems gentle normally. I hope he stays that way.


Star Bright Farm
11 Years
Jul 24, 2008
Brown City, Michigan (Thumb)
Let me say this first.....I LOVE my Silkies. But I'll tell ya...the roosters are evil little buggers! If it weren't for hatching chicks and selling eggs, I wouldn't own a Silkie roo. I honestly think that at some point, they all turn nasty.

Example...I have a black Silkie roo that was raised in my house as an only chick. We bathed him, loved him, and my son used to pull him around in his wagon. That rooster was spoiled rotten! Now he's out in the coop with the others, and at least once a week he'll try to tag me when I go in the pen.

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