Mean young roo... what do I do?


8 Years
Apr 7, 2011
West Tennessee
I am about at my wits end with my daughters rooster... he is only about 8 weeks old and is mean, mean, mean.
She named him Lucifer... maybe he took it to heart?
I need some advice as I don't know what to do anymore. I have NEVER been scared of chickens, roosters, barnyard anything... til now.
He pops out from behind anything and puffs up and lunges at me... Scares the pee out of me!!!
He doesn't do this to her... only me. I am the one that gives the treats, feeds, waters, cleans, etc... why does he choose me?

My most important question... what can I do? He is either going to have to settle down or get the boot, which I don't want to do because my daughter loves him.

I am absolutely NON-violent, cannot hunt, kill anything... never hurt anything living... but I find myself wanting to drop kick him (not that I will, but he just urks me so).

Please give me some advice.
Be ready and on the look out for him.

When he pops out, quickly scoop him up in your arms. Let him struggle, and hold him til he settles.

Give him a firm talking to, set him down and pick him up again quickly while he is at your feet.

If everytime he jumps out - you pick him up, the game will be no fun for him any longer.
I will try and catch him now... it is getting dark and I locked him out of the coop with the intention of teaching him that he is going to behave. The girls are already locked up for the night as it is getting dark here.

Lets see if I come in without getting attacked tonight.
Okay, got the meanie up for the night.
I will see about catching him tomorrow off and on and see what he does...
I will say... it took me about 15 min. to round him up tonight... he usually runs into the coop, but he kept running away from me tonight... hummmm....

I just didn't think they could be this mean this young.
He is not being mean.

He is young and just starting to realize what he can do. He is trying out new things, and like a puppy or child, he needs guidance to be told what is "ok" and what is not "ok". Should he have done this to another "adult" chicken - his butt would have been promptly trounced.

Running from you, or away from your area (not the scared "I am going to die" running, but the "let me get out of your way" running) is a sign of respect. He would move promptly for a head rooster (and YOU are the head rooster, you just need to remind yourself

If he jumps out at you, you try to catch him and he runs - just go after him until you catch him. Honest you do not have to run, just walk after him and watch his body language. When he hits a fence, watch him and you should be able to tell which way he will run - right or left. Eventually, you will be able to "herd" him where you want him to go, and once he tires it will be easier for you to pick him up.

Pain in the rear - probably. But better to spend 5, 10 minutes now - than a half hour when he gets bigger and to have war wounds from him.

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