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I now have had several persons who hit buy it now in the past week and they meant to hit ask a question....Happily one ended up buying after I satisfactorily answered his questions regarding geese eggs. But that was only one.

The others effectively closed the auction...Costing me counts against the 20 posts in 30 days and of course caused reposting time and the possibility of the eggs being scrambled .....happily I found local buyers.

I do believe all of these were honest mistakes, but what is the possible solution to this, if any?

Is there anyway there can be a safety built in that says something like you are about to buy/bid on this auction....

I know that one solution is to "comment" on the buyer, but in this situation I don't want to post a negative comment as it's truly a "user" error.

It does however shut the BSA item and counts toward the 20 ads a month.

Also, how long is acceptable if a buyer doesn't respond to either e mails or pm's to negatively comment.

I understand how life gets busy, but if people bid and then don't answer, I just want to know what to do.

And as we know fresh eggs don't wait forever.

Thanks for helping on this one. Have a blessed day.


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That really is an odd use case and I'm amazed it has happened to the same person more than once. It isn't easy to mistake the "bid" / "buy" buttons with some kind of "comment" buttons.

We'll look into having it more clear that they are bidding.

When this happens, do the following:

1) Send a note to the person that bid and help show them that they made a mistake and ask if they are going to buy the item.
2) If they are not, click the "report" button on the post and explain what happened and the staff will review and delete if appropriate.

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