Meat Bird Feed??? Or can I use Purina Feed???

Willow's Meadow

9 Years
Apr 16, 2010
I was reading that your supposed to feed a meat bird/broiler chick feed to meat chicks and then a meat birds grower feed when they get older. But I've NEVER seen a meat bird/broiler feed at tractor supply or any feed mill around here. Can I just feed Purina Start and Grow and then Purina Grower???
Same here. Start n Grow will get you through though if you can't find Flock Raiser.
I didn't used to see the Purina Flock Raiser around that much. But, I do see it pretty regularly at my TSC now. My favorite feed store was out of it the other day - the lady said she just sold the last bag. So, I guess that means more people are buying it!

I will be using it for my meaties, and my 4 turkeys that are supposed to arrive this week!
I use turkey and gamebird feed start to finish. It's cheaper than the broiler feed that my feed store carries and they do well on it.

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