Meat birds and turkeys attacked by what?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by newdock, Jul 3, 2008.

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    My meat birds and turkeys were out in a tractor and were 3 weeks old. Something tore a hole in the wire (hole is about 3 feet in diameter) and the birds are all missing.

    I thought dog at first as we have a lot of big dogs in our area, but here's why I'm not sure....there is nothing left. No feathers, no bodies....NOTHING.

    The birds were 3 weeks old so the meat birds were about 2 lbs each and there were 9 of them. The 3 turkeys were smaller and very agile. Whatever attacked them got them at night when they were sleeping.

    It has been 2 days now and no one has returned. After the fact, I found a pile of innards on my front lawn. Perfect, intact innards with about 4-6 feathers nearby. That is the only sign of them I could find.

    What would rip a hole that large and leave no traces? I live in Canada...I'm thinking maybe a bear? We have searched for scat, but nothing on that front either.

    Any ideas? Anyone think it could be dogs? I have a neighbor down the road with 2 dogs that told me I could buy more meat birds and charge them to him because he is worried that his dogs did it.....he found some feathers near his house (but they are the wrong colour to be my meat birds - meat birds were white, feather were black and brown).
  2. Fox, weasel, raccoon. Any pics of the damaged tractor?

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