Meat Rabbit Beginner Questions

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    1) I know rabbits have low fat but can you feed them to have some fat before slaughter or would that take too much feed? I know your not suppose to keep breeders/pets overweight.

    2) Can anyone point me towards info on how to line breed generations of rabbits. I'm not planning on only doing terminal crosses. I may in the beginning seems easier and depends on what I can find locally.

    3) Can you defur the skin and dry it to eat or defur in general?
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  2. To get a high quality carcass for cooking/eating you will need to butcher your rabbits at 6 to 8 weeks of age. It would be nearly impossible to make a rabbit "fat" at this age.

    You can eat a rabbit at any age of their life, but the older the rabbit, the harder it is to skin, and the longer it takes to cook to make it edible.
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    Try going to the American Rabbit Breeders Association web page. From there you should be able to get links to help with breeding.
    Use the fur for hats, gloves, coats/jackets, blankets. It is second only to goose down for warmth. There are books on tanning hides.

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