Meat rooster-foot issues


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Deep in the heart of Texas
We have a meat chicken, rooster, that has developed a large blister-like swelling between two of his toes. (It's soft to the touch, like a blister) It doesn't appear to be from a bite or any type of injury. (I'll post a picture when I can catch him)
Not real sure what to do, if anything.
He's about 1 yearish. Also, if it helps, he was a meat chicken that fell off a chicken truck. :)
And he's an awesome rooster.
Thanks for any help.

Glenda Heywoodo

Dec 19, 2016
Cassville Missouri
I would say he has a kind of bumble foo.
Due to the fact that he is a meat chicken falling off a truck.
this bird has never walked on any thing but bedding in a large poultry confinement.
do this:
Well here is what I would do with this problem
Take each foot and apply to scab (blister) area
Vetericyn VF hydrogel, sold at amazon
apply very liberly and then
use Vet wrap on both the feet after putting the Vetericyn on the foot.
if no change in the bumblefoot then:

you may have to do the bumblefoot surgery
this is to cut open the scab(blister) area and squeeze out the large pus accumulation.
then put the Vetercyn hydrogel liberly on the foot laceration
and wrap with vet wrap.
confine the chicken to a dog carrier as she will need rest alone away from other hens.
Each day twice a day unwrap and apply the Vetericyn hydrogel and apply vetwrap to the feet.

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