Meat Turned Red - Questioning Eating It

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    So, our big jersey giant roo met his maker last weekend after attacking everyone in our family. We bled him out, rinsed him, let him soak in the cooler, and then put him in the fridge to rest. Hubby moved him to the freezer last night and mentioned that some blood has leached out and he had to change out one of the bags he was wrapped in because of it. Didn't think much of it though.

    Today I went to go grab something from the freezer and the chicken is bright red. I'm guessing there was a lot more blood in there than we realized. This was only our second slaughter and I remember that he was darker in color once cooked but I don't remember this. Do I need to toss him? Any idea what we can do next time to really make sure everything is flushed out?

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    I can't see too well in your pics. did you skin the bird?

    Here are some pics of my skinned birds, for meat color comparison...



    My thought is, if you had that much blood leach out, you didn't bleed the bird enough while slaughtering, perhaps.

    You can soak the meat in salt water, that will draw out the blood. Just do that while it's thawing when you're ready to eat.
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