11 Years
Feb 21, 2008
Miamisburg (Southwest) Ohio
Well today my daughter and Culled 13 males today. It didn't take us to long to do it once my 9yr daughter started helping we weighted all the banded males and only kept them if they were over 8oz. Kept 3 males per 11females in 2 pens.
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to answer the why quail post this is why we love them:D
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I got the humid thing all rigged up today and dried the gorilla glue on it, got the water to go through the tubes down into the humid thing only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to get the water out of the humid thing into whatever I decide to use as thier waterer? *might as well ask it here since we're on the subject of quail hehe*!

I drilled a hole in the side of the humid thing, and gorilla glued a straw into it but the thing inside that you said regulates it never did whatever it was supposed to im not sure if i didnt wait long enough or if theres something else i need to do.
The long tube is attached to the resovouir of water in a jug, down to the humid thing, and then the straw was into the "waterer" haha. But no water has went into the waterer yet so I'm not sure. I poured all the water out and will try again tomorrow.
did you drill the hole below the line close to the metal piece? Depends what kind of system you want I used a planter base glue to the bottom of the "pot" aka humid thing or you can get a piece of small pc pipe and glue it in place. If I got time I will make a video if I can get the camera to work right.
Oh I forgot the water will not go above line it should stop flow before it reaches line. Now and the water wont stop if the water doesn't go above hole(on the outside of the humid) it won't stop the flow of water.
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it stopped a few CM below that black arrowed line around the humid thing, so I knew I did something right (i assume lol). Also the straw is also below that line as well, I really studied your video before I put the holes in it hehe! So yeppers that's all in the right spots. I dont know if i should suck on the straw for a second to help the air flow or what. My only prob is that the water won't flow out of the humid thing into the waterer LOL. I just am clueless as to why.

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