Meaties are growing strong!


12 Years
Mar 4, 2007
Have my 6 Cornish Rocks in with my laying flock now. Everyone has feed avaliable to them 24/7 and they are allowed to roam the run and eat scratch and all the goodies the layers get. One of the 6 Cornish has a lot or red in it's feathers. Reminds me of almost like a sexlink roo....will have to get an updated pic of them all. They are only about 3-4 weeks old. Planning on butchering around 8 weeks. Can't wait to try some chicken straight from the backyard...though I have done it before never Cornish. Also planning on hatching a lot of Jumbo Brown Coturnix here for some butcher birds. Got some people wanting to buy processed quail..just friends of the family and such.

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