Meaties are outside at 9 days

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I put our broilers outside just a bit ago and they seem to like it. I put a foundation of sawdust down (my hubby gets it free from work) and then I put down a thick layer of straw on top of the sawdust. I fixed what looked like nest areas in the straw and that is where they were gathering when I took one last look at them. When I put them in there they took off flapping their wings and running around.

I sat their feeder (a 5 gal. bucket feeder we made) just inside the opening and then their waterer just a little space away from the feeder. Of course, as you all know, they went to eating. You know how moving gives you an appetite. I think they will better outdoors. This way they have more room and they won't be stressed out inside.

I added a 250 watt heat lamp (gotta get a red one) and as I was finishing up the sky opened up and it started sprinkling. Praise the Lord, I got done when I did. I will check on them before we leave for church and after we get home.
They are. They have a nice area to stay in that I built for them. It had a large opening in the front but then I made the opening to be about 15 inches. I loaded it down with straw and they have a heat lamp also.

I have a piece of plastic that I could put over the opening, do you think I need to do that? It's gonna be in the mid 50's of a night here all this week.

ETA: I'll post a updated pic here next week (when my daughter gets her camera back. Then again mine may make a good enough pic. I'll try tomorrow w/ mine.
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Just checked on the little meaties and they are doing great. I really need a red light instead of the white one but for now it will have to do.

I have one chick still inside due to the fact it cannot hold its head up, any thoughts as to why? I would hate for this little one to die
but if it has to be, then it has to be. It can stand and move but it cannot seem to eat or drink , so now its a waiting game to see what happens. I am thinking that some of the other chicks may have jumped on its neck and hurt it some how, who knows.
Yes, it can't eat due to the fact it can't swallow. It can't even drink water. It's neck has now pulled itself almost to the left side. I am going to have DH cull it today, unless it passes before he can.

I am afraid to keep it and raise it (if possible) and then feed it to my family and possibly make them sick.

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