Medical advise needed ASAP!


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Apr 9, 2013
This little Blue Swed duck is about 2 years old, her name is "The Widow Bugsy". We have no idea what is wrong with her. Can someone advice? I'm attaching a picture.
How is she behaving? What is she being fed? What kind of flock is she in?

Has she been laying eggs?

What kind of water does she have available?

How is her poop?

Does she smell different than normal?

With her tail down like that, she may be having egg laying problems. Take a close look at her vent.
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Yes, I think we need more info. My Khaki Campbell looks at me like that when she is irritated with me, so without more info, can't really say. Interesting name, The Widow Bugsy.
Her chest is extended. She staggers when she walks and is flopping over. We have a variety of ducks on a rather large pond, Pekings, Sweds, Calls, and some mixed breeds. We feed cracked corn, scratch and a pellet for layers. I also put out oyster shells as well. She has had this extended chest thing going on for awhile but was eating, drinking and swimming normally up until the past 2 days. Today other ducks were actually attacking her so I scooped her up and have her in a bathtub. It is not looking good for her. She seems very weak and I am trying to encourage her to eat and drink but not having much luck in that. She will attack the food but I think she is attacking me more than the food. We haven't any Vets in our area that deal with ducks so I don't think that is an option. I'm 99.9% sure she is not egg bound, it is that extended chest thing.
I was hoping to get a picture showing her extended chest. Her chest looks like she swallowed a couple balloons.We got her and a little male duck on the same day. We named him Bugsy. Bugsey disappeared one morning and that is how she came by the name "The Widow Bugsy" We really love this girl. She was the pond matriarch and had the biggest mouth you ever heard.

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