Medicated Feed for Peafowl


11 Years
Mar 23, 2012
Schoharie County, New York
First year with peafowl and have a question about feed. I used medicated chick feed to start, and then medicated "grower". My 3 peafowl are now around 6 months, so I want to switch to a maintenance feed. Do I still need to add medication? What is the purpose of using medicated feed beyond the "chick" stage?
And if you don't mind, one more question...I know many people worm their peafowl twice a year. I am wondering if there is any benefit to worming only if and when there appear signs that worms are present, and is worming beneficial once worms are present, or are we too late? What are the signs of worms??
Thanks for any comments.
Welcome to peafowl!:) ok, the breeder I got mine from said to use medicated feed until 1 yr old just to keep them safe from coccidiosis I think. That's if they are on the ground and not in cages. If you use turkey medicated feed I believe that is for prevention of blackhead/fungus....but not sure. But others may say after 6 months not to medicate anymore...I'm not sure what's really right or wrong.
Worming twice a year is a good preventative for peas as if a bird gets worms or is sick Ive read they hide it well until it's too late. I was told to worm in spring before breeding season and again in fall about Labor Day.
I haven't had any problems with my peas yet and I hope I never do! Hope you get some more info to help you out. :)
I don't know about medicated feed but agree with 3bird about worming. By the time you recognized a problem there would be damage done. The goal is to keep your birds healthy and a bird fighting worms is going to have less success fighting off random problems.
X3 on the worming! If you can, consult with a vet on the most effective way to keep your peas free of cecal and capillary worms, they do the most damage.


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