medicated feed ot not?


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Nov 20, 2010
So my flock arrives on Friday and I'm all ready for them. My wife is even taking an interest, thought that's been a bumpy road.

My question is medicated feed or no? I picked up 200 pounds of 19.5% chick starter at the mill and it does not say if it's medicated or not. Should I add something or not? They tell me it's what all their customers swear by.

I did pick up a small bag of medicated at TC just in case.

Mine are three weeks old now and I do not use medicated feed. I started with 15 and have 14 because one died within three days of hatching. Many people do use medicated feed, though, so I guess it is an individual choice.
I feed my 6 and 4 week olds medicated feed. I can't see any reason not to especially reading about so many people with sick chicks on here. If I were you I would start with the small bag of medicated feed which won't last long, then gradually switch over to the new unmedicated feed. There are medications that can be put in the water when they are on the new feed if you choose to keep them on amprollium. It's just personal preference, and if you just type in medicated feed or not on the search mode you will probably get more opinions to make up your own mind. Good luck with your babies.
How long are you going to keep them on medicated feed? If you keep the 6 week olds on much longer I wouldn't eat them. Also usually chick starter doesn't have a high enough protein count.

For OP- We feed medicated the first week or so and then switch to Meatybird or a gamebird feed. You want around a 20% protein in it.
Thanks folks. I guess I'll use the medicated bag and then go with the non medicated and see how it goes.

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