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8 Years
May 23, 2011
I thought i had medicated chick feed and aparently i did not. I went to my local store for more feed and they had a differnt type but it said medicated starter so i thought it was probally close. The check out lady said she would only charge me regular price because they normally dont carry medicated. I really didnt think about it till i got home and realized they havent been eating mdicated. Is it ok to just switch. I dont think its a big deal i guess since i thought it was medicated. Having had no problems last year and the first batch this year i'm sort of mad at myself because they did just fine and now im medicating them for no good reason
If it's the same brand, you should be fine and you may be fine regardless, however, I've heard of chix dying from switching feed, but I'm not sure and maybe people have just blamed the feed when it was something else that caused the deaths. An older chicken wise man once told me to mix in your new feed with what you have already been using, that way they can better adjust to it.
Its not the same brand. I had thought of mixing but im hoping that the little one have only been out the last 3 days and the others are 4 weeks so im thinking of leaving that batch with the rest and hoping they make it till tuesday as its a holiday weekend. But then i will still be forced to switch brands as i will have to go to a differnt feed store. The one i went to didnt have any in and i doubt they will have it anytime early next week.

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