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    Sep 27, 2014
    I have just a few meds I wanted to introduce to everyone and how to do it.

    Firsts is the Raw meal.It has probiotics,antibiotics,ETC.We mixed it in with rice,and the chickies loved it.

    Layer Boost.Personally is for laying,but also helps with health issue.We put 2 scoops of it in a half filled waterer.

    Vet RX.Any chicks/chickens need VET RX.It mainly assists the breathing.Take 1 drop and let it drip into the chickens mouth.

    Medicated feed.Use this only for awhile.Mainly chicks have this,because of their weak bodies and their immune system doesn't work as well,basically it's very weak.Just put it in a feeder.

    Antibiotics Ointments,work well with sores,open cuts,swelling,ETC.Rub it on the cut/swore,then wrap it in cloth.
    Hydrogen peroxide.It effects cuts by blocking any effection to go into it.1 drop does it,then wrap it up to protect.(You don't have to)

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