Mediterranean Gecko as food/treat source


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Mar 7, 2013
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Hi. I live in Louisiana, and we have an abundance of these guys around my house..... Maybe too many? They don't seem to bother anything, but it does creep me out a little that they seem to live in and around the eves of my house! Anyway, I was turning rocks over around my yard for the girls the other day (they follow me around while I do,this and eat anything that crawls around underneath), and four of these geckos ran out from under one. There were two little ones, and two adults, and they consumed them in less than a minute! I was worried at first, but after a few days the girls haven't had any issues resulting from thier little massacre of geckos! So it got me wondering whether I could catch them as a supplemental treat, or food source. They are really easy to catch, and there are TONS of them hanging out around our porch at night. I could catch enough for each girl to have one (four girls) every so often. Would this be ok for them?
I know they are not native, but they are insect eaters, so I would consider what role they are playing in insect control and if you would rather have more bugs. They are attracted to the moths that are around your porch light, they also eat little roaches, so in general we always considered them a good thing. I don't think they would hurt the chickens any to eat them, know the cats would eat them.
I agree with Kelsie that they are pretty good at controlling insects. Our house is covered with them as well and we consider them our first line of defense against insects getting inside. However, my coop, garden, and compost bins have an abundance of them. My chickens have eaten them regularly for the past few years and I haven't noticed any ill effects. I have to say, the geckos are probably their favorite things to eat.
I think I have a big enough habitation to harvest a few every so often for the girls. Google says they populate like crazy. Every female lays three to four clutches a year. If I oNly catch four or five every few months or so it shouldn't affect the population. However, if it did, I would not be sorry. From my observations, these guys live in my house for the most part! Eeew!

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