Meet Ann!


Jun 13, 2019
Parker, Colorado
We picked up a new female so that if Chips doesn't make it, Fish will have a new "sister". We had her in the pen in a large tub - she saw the girls and jumped/flew out and ran up the hill and jumped in the pool! She was so excited - not sure she has ever been in a pool before...Fish and Chips didn't know what to think, but we supplied plenty of treats to keep them happy and now, four hours later, they are doing great!

We had planned to keep her separate, but she had other ideas. Chips has pecked her a bit - I think she's just letting her know who's boss. She's around 2 months old so a bit younger. My daughter has been out with them since we bought her in - she's doing some heavy duty cleaning of the coop and pen.

Hoping Chips has a full recovery and we have all three for a long time...can't remember what type of duck the woman said she was...

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