Memaw says hi!

Arkansas Memaw

Jun 4, 2017
Nice to meet everyone. I grew up during a time when everyone raised chickens. Then life got in the way. Now we're retired, and we've given up on worrying about things beyond our little mountaintop. Back to the land! Back to sanity and green spaces. We're just a couple of old hillbillies: Gardening, canning, quilting, woodworking, carpentry, and general do-it-yourselfing.
We just started our flock a few weeks ago. The kids are about 6 weeks old now. We're raising Bielefelders. Right now we have 4 pullets and 3 cockerels. (Of course 2 of the boys will have to go soon. They were "add-ins" from the hatchery. I guess they expected us to cull them do they wouldn't have to.) We're expecting a second brood of 6 pullets in about a week. And that will be plenty of birds for 2 retired hillbillies! So hello from Memaw, Pawpaw, Homer, Sassy, Nike, Precious, Cleo, Obie and Spot.

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