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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by CDennis, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Apr 1, 2009
    I posted this over in Turkeys but no replies. I butchered a jake and some hens yesterday, I expected my remaining hens to merge with my two toms but they are still jumping fences and running around. I had hoped they would get to know the toms and stay in the pasture. Any suggestions on how to merge them into one flock. If not, pretty sure my turkey days are numbered because my husband is tired of stepping in poop on the porch...not that I can blame him.
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    I have very limited practical experience with this, but I'll give ya what i can [​IMG]

    My rooster is currently in his coop with three hens. I have another coop with two hens about to lay and I just butchered the roosters that were in the same coop area.

    I plan on moving the two hens into the main coop, however I've noticed my rooster wooing one of the two hens! It did take a little while, at least a week for her to start following him once she trusted him, so not a quick process. But I'm betting on finding that hen in the main coop this week.

    If my rooster can handle this integration business, i'm going to let him!
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    so far from my experience I have to say turkeys=poop on the porch.
    the flock dynamics are certainly different than chickens, but I have noticed that even with hens that are bonded to the Tom the hens still seem to wander afar and he is the tag along. Many people do clip the wings to keep them in, I haven't tried this, but have heard it works.

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