Mess Free Duckling Waterer?

Lach Cnoc Farm

10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Western Washington
I was wondering if anyone else out there has any ideas or suggestions for Mess free waterer for ducklings?

mine seem to be so messy when it comes to drinking, the whole brooder is soaked daily.

for now i turned a plastic container into a water 'dish'...hopefully it'll cut back on the mess.
Here's what I did.... Set the waterer on a plate or pan, to catch some of the drippings. Set the plate/pan on the wire bottom of the brooder, with a plastic tub underneath to catch the overflow.

And here's the most important part... put rocks in the drinking area of the waterer. The ducklings will be able to get a drink, but can't "play" in the water.

Kathy, Bellville TX
They HAVE to be able to get their whole beak into the water or risk choking to death on their food. I put mine in a shallow plastic pan that was from under a big plant pot. It helped contain the mess at least.
Don't know what you're feeding your ducks, but I've raised dozen of them and NONE of them have choked on their food. If you use large rocks, the gaps are large enough to get their beaks into.

It's the same method the local feed store recommends.

Kathy, Bellville TX
thanks everyone, i really appreciate it!

right now i am using a square container with a screw on top...i cut a rectangle out of one of the sides for them to drink out of. i dont have rock in it but its not very deep anyway.

I will probably have to fill it more often, but it helps me save on far its only wet right around the waterer, where the waters fallen out of their beaks, Not ALL OVER like before!!

i also made a feeder out of an identical container.

here's their set up:


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