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I know many people use metal roofs on their coops. When you do do you fasten it right to the rafters or on top of some osb or plywood?
What advantage/disadvantage would there be to just fastening to the rafters?
I am sure we over did it.
We put down some of that foam insulating board, then plywood, then metal. But we live in a rather hot part of our state, and we did not want to build a hot box.
Frying the eggs should be the cooks' option.
There is a picture of our coop on my BYC page.
(Don't let that smashed thumb deter you.)
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Can not fasten to rafters because they are running the wrong way.

Here's are youtube video that provides a general "How To". Just pretend when they talking/show steel rafters they are talking/showing wood.

IF you going to insulate then here's another youtube video with ventilation.
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guess I over did it. We had the rafters, then 1/2 OSB, then tar paper, then the metal roof. We get lots of wind, loads of snow and extreme cold so we built it to keep our girls comfey when it's -30. Snow tends to slide off so there is no large weight load, we went with a 5-12 pitch.

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