Meter readers and your ordinances?


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Mar 1, 2009
our city ordinance does not fall into line with the idea spot for our chickens do you think the meter reader will care if no one else does?

it says 1 chicken per 2000 sq ft of property (ok I am good there if I do not get one more chicken)
they have to be contained in a building or security fence (they have both and are with in two more layers of fencing

we are also at least 40 ft from any dwelling ..easily!

we are not however 10 feet from our neighbors property line. He does not care we manage the "green belt" for English ivy and other invasive plants keep rats out! ...and in turn have a good relationship. he can not see or hear us as his house is far from the wooded area

if he does not know or even care about us having chickens should I worry about others making a fuss? (I really dont since most of my neighbors are really nice and very private people who have other issues to think about besides a little flock of chickens)

I just wondered about meter readers and if they care?

anyone ever have an issue with one?

they have loved my dogs and bring treats but what about chickens I wonder?

do they have any power to report us? (I know we can not talk about individual nice or mean meter readers ..ours is very nice far!) even if our neighbors on the property line do not care can other people interfere just because?
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Dec 16, 2008
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Our power bill lists the next meter reading date. I would just leave the chickens in the coop on the meter read date. I would be more worried that the person might let the chickens out of the yard. If you are worried that he would see your coop...not much you can do about that except shield it with a 6' tall privacy panel or some tall bushes.


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Mar 4, 2009
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Anyone can report you, even some yahoo walking down the road can call in a complaint if they want (our seasonal neighbour does this to the other year round residents on the road).
As for your meter readers, if they are like up here, they don't have a clue what the by-laws are and they really don't care as long as they are not in harm from the animals or have to walk among them to get to the meter. As long as there is no interference with their day, they are happy - they get paid so much for every meter they read so the quicker they get done the happier they are.

If your really worried about it, I'd leave the chickens in the coop if you know when they are coming. We put a fence up just so the dogs couldn't see the meter reader from their run when they are outside - just makes life easier and quieter when it's a new reader.


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Our meter reader doesn't even get out of his truck, He reads my GS's with binoculars, and usually both the guineas and chickens are outside when he comes. new meter reader, this one climbs over the gate, rather than unlatching it, and maces, my gd terrier every time he reads the meter. I told her to call and find out when he is coming, keep the dog in the house and leave the gate open. then if he came on a different day and did that I would be in the office and they would NOT like me for long. marrie
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Feb 25, 2009
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Oh i love living in a right to farm life law zoning free village. lol. dont have to deal with this nonsense.

I have heard of people just taking note of meter reader day and putting the chickens in the coop until said meter reader has come and gone.


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Jul 19, 2007
I'm not sure how my meter reader has been reading the meter this winter at my house, since the fence gate has been frozen shut with 4 feet of snow in front of it.
They must have a magic digital thingy.


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Jun 26, 2008
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If you have a movable coop, I wouldn't think it would be much trouble. If anyone did say anything, you could just say "Thanks, I'll move it". You could also try using something that doesn't look like a chicken coop. My two girls are in a doghouse, and it works just fine!

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