Methods to actually feed your flock?


Sep 6, 2019
Victoria, BC, Canada
Hello all,

One question I have is how do you actually feed greens and treats to your flock? I use a little commercial feeder for the feed, but for greens and such, do you just toss them in on the ground or on a plate or container? Just wondering because I don’t like leaving the food leftovers overnight to attract any unwanted visitors? Just curious as to how y’all actually present our humble offerings to the chicken gods!

For greens, I either tear them up and toss them on the ground, or if left whole I use a metal treat cage.

For me if there's leftovers it means the chickens didn't like it, and the greens just become part of the run flooring. I never put out enough to last them more than an hour or two, so there's nothing to attract pests.
Toss em on the ground. They won't stay on a plate anyway. If there's leftovers, you are feeding them too much. Treats should be no more than 10% of the total diet, if you feed it in the morning, there shouldn't be a need to clean up at night.

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