Meyer Hatchery for eggs?


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Has anyone ever used Meyer hatchery for buying eggs?

Are they a good seller to go through?

I am interested in other peoples experiences.
im interested as well
For hatching eggs, you mean?

I'd definitely suggest getting hatching eggs from members right here. Each time I've bought eggs they've been well packed and I had great hatch rates. Plus, you are getting breeder quality birds, not hatchery quality. You can see pictures of the parents, too, which is a big plus.
About 8 yrs ago, we bought hatching eggs from Meyer. My DD wanted to try hatching. We bought I think it was six eggs, mostly bantam cochins. I remember when we picked the eggs up, they were really really cold, much colder than I would have thought they should have been, but five of the six did develope. The hatch wasn't the greatest, but that was our fault, first time hatching in a very old, borrowed styrofoam bator.
I have checked out the eggs for sale on here and the only problem is they are in lots of 10 or more eggs at a time and I wanted to get a few eggs from a few different breeds to add to my 4 week olds that I already have. I didn't see any mixed lots on here but Meyer sells their eggs at a per egg price and you are allowed to order any amount you want. I just don't want to order them if they are not going to hatch.
If you only want a few, I am sure you could shoot the seller a PM. Most would be glad to work with you and a smaller amount of eggs

But that doesn't help if you want several breeds in one combined shipment, unless one seller owns several breeds you want.
Hi! If you know what you are looking for, post in the 'wanted to buy' area here and someone might have that combination available.
For instance, I could do a *mixed box* with eggs from blue Plymouth Rock, blue Jersey Giant, blue Ameraucana, white Silkie, wheaten Serama, and / or Naked Necks.
I've never ordered eggs from a hatchery, but you might get lucky right here.
Good luck!

I will have to try that I also have found a farm locally that does fertilized eggs as well. They are a mix of Cochin, Barred Rock, RIR and one other breed but I am mainly looking for a breed or two that are good for brooding so maybe I can get a few broody hens of my own. Someone told me that Gold Comets aren't really broody so I am going to have to add a few broody breeds to the mix
Hey Dipsy what does the wheaten serama look like I'm interested in getting some serama hatching eggs if the colors are what I'm looking for

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