MG contamination after 6 weeks?

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    I had a flock of 6 that were diagnosed with MG and subsequently put down 6 weeks ago. I now have 4 week old baby chicks that have been brooding in a bedroom and am ready to move them to the basement. We plan to use a 6' x 10' chain link fence to contain them, and that fence was part of our original run when my first flock had MG. We hosed the mud and leaves off the fence, and moved it into the basement and tomorrow I'll baffle the bottom 2 feet and fill it with litter and move the babies in. We have adequate plans for heat and light.

    My question is: Is it safe? It's been 6 weeks and everything I've read says that the MG cannot live outside of the host for more than a few days. I did not spray down the fence with any sort of disinfectant, and can't really do that now that it's set up in the basement, but now I'm having late night fears that there may be some lingering MG on that metal somewhere. Somebody please tell me that it will be okay and that I'm being too paranoid.

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    You should be safe. But I would probably mix up a 10% bleach mixture and put it in a spray bottle and spray it down, just for overkill. Just because I am paranoid.
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    Me too...........
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    Quote:That's what I was going to say too!

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