MI only: Excellent (but superfluous) rooster BLRW X Black EE


15 Years
Apr 20, 2007
Benton Twp., Michigan
I have a great 7 m/o rooster for the flock that needs a guardian -- I've never seen a rooster that was so vigilant. And he's beautiful, too: copper, gray, and a little cream. If I figure out how, I'll post photos. If I had more hens, I'd keep him for myself.

ETA: I have an ID for him; he's a Splash BLRW.

We live between Charlotte and Potterville. PM me for more information. This is a pick-up only.
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Sorry so long in getting back to you! He is not BLRW X BLRW, but oddly enough, all the chicks from this hatch run to type. I wouldn't use him for breeding, but he is an outstanding guardian -- I see him finding food for the girls, and he's always patrolling.

I would keep him if I had more mature hens; 8 is not enough for him (little studmuffin!)

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