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    I went in to shut the door, and heard skittering noises. I then shone the flashlight beam around, And lo and behold, there were TONS of mice skittering around. Do chickens eat mice<they seam to eat everything, they would kill and eat toads if i would let them!>? also, how do we get rid of them?
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    Traps are probably the best way. If you have a trustworthy cat that has access to the coop or even the yard around it, that would help. Taking away the feeder overnight is probably a good idea, too.
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    Our chickens love mice. In fact, they are vicious with them. I started setting traps when one of my daughter's hens chocked to death on a large mouse. We have caught about 40 mice in the last month. [​IMG] I knew we had a lot but I had no idea how many. We use peanut butter on it.
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    I heard a great idea for a mousetrap, but haven't tried it yet. Take a 5 gallon bucket, and put a wooden dowel across the top (opening) of it. Drill a hole through an aluminum can and feed it into the middle of the dowel. It should be flat against the dowel, soas to create a smooth surface. Put some bait in the middle of the can. Use another piece of wood to make a ramp up to the top of the bucket. If desired, put some water in the bottom of the bucket. The mice can run up the ramp and out onto the dowel, but the can will be too slippery and they will fall into the bucket. It is not only pet safe, but it continues to trap them without the no-catch snaps of regular traps, no constant rebaiting, no touching dead mice, and no re-setting. Depending if you want to put water in the bottom, it works as either a live or a kill trap.

    If anyone tries it or has tried it, please post how it works!

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