MICHIGAN 2008 Chickenstock?


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Apr 20, 2007
Benton Twp., Michigan
Would anyone like to collaborate with me for a Chickenstock the first Sat. in August? That's about the only date I have available!

Ideally, we'd have it here in Potterville in June, when we have our Gizzard Fest. Oh, well! We could still pop over to Joe's Gizzard City for libations.

BTW, Potterville is about 10 mins west of Lansing.
Ill help...think thats about an hour from here.Ill cook and already have a chicken blanket just about finished for raffle or...think i could get another made by then too.
I live just down the road a wee bit.

Right now I don't have anything scheduled that I know of, so I'll keep a eye on this thread and see what happens.

I'll take a dozen lightly battered Gizzards and a Bud Light....yeah I been to Joes many, many times.
Steve! I recognize the building pictured in your avatar! I need to pick your brain about building a chicken house/goat barn!

You've probably seen our old barn . . . It's the huge old thing on the north side of Vermontville H just before "the Commons."

Mexisbirds . . . sounds great! How do we finalize plans and get the word out to other Michiganders? Can we do that through the forum? I'm totally new at this.
Ill post it on the other BYC if thats ok with everyone...I did it here last year and 2 GREAT people showed up and that was fine with me.Its been a slow process getting it going.I invited friends and family too just so there was a get -together even if no one showed...and we had a great time. Have anyone needing directions e-mail to you then you can give your addy privately and also have an idea of how many and what they are bringing.Just let us all know what you need and we can run from there...
Just a thought.....don't know where Frankenchick was going to hold this event but,....

I drive through Potterville everyday on my way to work and thought that park near the baseball diamond might be a nice place to have it. Lots of room, picnic tables, restrooms and not far from Joes.

Then if the park is being used by something else we would need a backup plan......
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You read my mind, Steve. I can’t think of the park’s name offhand, but it’s right on Main St. and M-100. It has a great little playground, the Imagination Station, nearby AND it’s got two potties! That’s more than we can say for our place, unless you count the trees.

I’ll check with the city tomorrow about reserving the tables, but I think it’s first-come-first-served. If it is, we’ll plan on having someone stake ‘em out early. [It’ll be just like July 4th when I was a kid]

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