Michigan State University Poultry Workshop

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    That would be great for us starters but why at 1pm on a tuesday. WTH. I do have to work. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I eagerly attended this workshop last year, for the most part it was not worth taking a day off work. The instructors need to get out of the institution and into the backyard coops and get a dose of why we do what we do and how we raise our flocks. I researched breeds, housing, bio security, healthcare and other things before I ordered my chickens and didn't learn anything new at this workshop. A lot of hand outs were given and certification for Pullorum Disease was available - a plus. The coop design on that handout was over 20 years old - duh! Look on the magazine racks and on-line to find an overwhelming source for coop design.

    Predators? The instructor didn't even know that shooting/trapping/harming raptors is a violation of Federal Law!

    The birds we used in the pullorum testing - I was appalled. None of us have birds that unhealthy looking. Their nails were curling, their combs were pale pink . . . the explanation for their sad state was that it's winter . . . I'd like to see how they keep their birds and the conditions they are kept in.

    There are some good books on raising chickens, Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens is great to start and there are plenty of on-line resources including this site. And of course, most feed stores carry poultry magazines which also provide tidbits of information.
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    I'm an MSU student and have been to the poultry research center and they are doing some amazing research on enriched cages and aviaries for modern egg laying facilities. No, the birds there are nothing like what we have at home because they don't have the ability to go outside and wear their nails down; completely different environment but clean and well taken care of. I do agree that they probably don't have the slightest idea how we raise backyard chickens lol.

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