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    Not sure if this is the right forum or not.

    I have been trying to find out how to become tax exempt on my chicken feed. Everytime I buy feed the clerk asks if I'm tax exempt. I have been searching on the Michigan.gov website but so far I'm not having any luck. Tractor supply wasnt sure of the process. I know the info has to be here somewhere but I am either not searching right or I am blind.
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    Farmers/chicken farmers may be excempt I am not sure. Can you call your 'tax person' for advise? I have no idea about MI. But you could also google tax exemtions for MI for poultry operations, farming????
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    If you aren't registered for being tax-exempt in Michigan, you aren't tax-exempt. You may qualify, though, but you need to sign up first. Then you would get a tax-exempt ID to use for purchases. Check it out.
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    I would assume this falls under being tax-exempt on purchases made for your business.
    Example I have been in: Small business owner buys cases of Coke to re-sell, they present a tax-exempt ID number to the cashier prior to ringing up the sale, register prints up a special receipt for them to sign so the tax people can keep up with them.

    If you are in the chicken-keeping-for-profit business I would assume you'd already know about having a tax-exempt ID, and since you don't know, then I assume that you don't qualify [​IMG] Please excuse me if my assumption is wrong, it's only the internet afterall.
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    In Wisconsin we fill out a form and provide it to the merchant. For example, since I use poultry feed in my business, I filled out a tax exemption form and provided it to the feed mill. Since they have this on file, they don't have to charge sales tax on my feed purchases. Without one, they'd have to charge the sales tax and account for it.

    Ok... I just found the same thing for Michigan:

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    Here's the reference to go with that:

    "The Michigan Department of Treasury does not issue "tax exempt numbers". Sellers should not accept a number as evidence of exemption from sales and use tax. To claim exemption for purchases the buyer must present the seller with a completed Form 3372, Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption, available on our Web site.

    For more information on exemptions see Revenue Administrative Bulletin 2002-15."

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