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  1. Farmerboy16

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Sparta, MI
    Oh yeah, Silly- I LOVE your drawing of the uggo!!!! I wants it! :D
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    I just caught up on most of the posts on this thread . . . my condolences and well-wishes to all of those going through hard times and to anyone who has loved ones in the Oklahoma area that was hit so badly. [​IMG]

    To all of those with successful hatches and other good news - [​IMG].

    On another note - I just managed to swap weekends in June with another employee so I should be able to attend Chickenstock 2013 barring any other complications or scheduling issues [​IMG]. It will be nice to meet some of the other Michiganders from this thread. I think I may be bringing some Wellsummer pullets (extras that I ordered from a hatchery), RIR pullets, and a couple of Black Jersey Giant pullets. And maybe a mystery chick that I still haven't figured out what she is . . . They should all be in the 1 1/2 month old - 3 month old range. I have some variegated willow (pink, white, green leaves) and some curly willow cuttings I will bring if they have rooted, too. If my foster dogs don't eat them! These three 8 month old behemoths are destroying everything they get their little paws on, lol. Good thing they are cute and sweet otherwise! They always look so genuinely remorseful when I scold them, too . . . but it only lasts about 2 minutes and then they're back to their boundless energy selves!

    Is anyone else noting a decrease in laying? I have 21 hens that are all in the 1 yr. - 2 yr. old range (only 7 that are 2 and have been through their 1st molt when they were 18 mos. old). I went from 15 - 17 eggs per day down to 7 - 10. I've checked the yard and all of the places they hang out during the day to make sure nobody is laying outside of the box and that doesn't seem to be the issue. I do have 2 broody hens that are guarding 2 of the nest boxes with their lives so I added 2 more nest boxes and put fake eggs in them. There were eggs in one of the boxes yesterday and this morning so they don't seem to mind the new boxes (one isn't really a box it's just an old feed bowl from the horses). A couple hens have started laying in the duck's box (my broody muscovy) right next to her and the duck just pulls the eggs over and sits on them, too, lol.
  3. gaitngirl

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    I'm holding out for a Dexter heifer. Or a mini Jersey . . . I love raw milk!!! My son would go through a couple gallons a week by himself when we had a good source . . .
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    Good morning!! [​IMG]

    We have been SO busy lately I have barely had time to sleep! Not much has changed here except a lot of building stuff and remodeling our house! So I basically work (nanny), take care of animals and act as the bf's secretary! He now has a facebook page for his projects and orders at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MadeTheWrightWay/

    Right now he has a really nice coop for sale too if anyone is interested!





    I personally want this one! But, the sale of this is going to the rest of the stuff we need so we can remodel our bathroom [​IMG] which has never been done in 60+ years!!

    So, the details of this are it has a door to enter to clean, a side door for birds to go in and out, a back door to open to collect eggs or birds and a window with a screen to open for fresh air or close when it's cold.

    This is screwed together, not stapled or nailed together like the coops you will find in most stores. It won't blow over in the slightest wind! Our coops are made with sturdy materials. This one has a lot of time and effort put into it!

    Asking $350 firm! If you're interested pm me or call 517-663-8035. We are located 1 mile from the Eaton Rapids high school.

    Hope everyone is doing well! I can't wait until chickenstock!! [​IMG]
  5. 1muttsfan

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    Mar 26, 2011
    Upper Peninsula Michigan
    Keyt, that is a very nice coop, and worth $350.

    I too find myself developing selective hearing - and memory as well! Maybe my Grandparents weren't so hard of hearing after all [​IMG]

    To anyone wishing to help the survivors of the terrible tornado in OK, the Red Cross is always a good place to donate, as all the money given goes to help the victims.

    You can text REDCROSS to 90999, to give $10, or go online to redcross.org
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    very nice looking coop keyt1969 - & definately looks sturdy/durable
  7. taprock

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    Need some opinions. Can you tell who this is? I am working on a retirement gift for a friend but not liking the finished product. Something looks wrong to me and I have two creases that have appeared in my paper. I'm trying to decide whether to scrap it and start another or use it.

  8. Stacykins

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    Jan 19, 2011
    Escanaba, MI
    Is it..Elvis?
  9. gladahmae

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    May 17, 2012
    Benzie, MI
    Quote:that would be my guess as well.....
  10. naglady

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    Jan 12, 2013
    Northern Michigan
    yes its elvis.. that is my first thought when i seen the drawing..

    coop is nice i thinks its worth $350..

    yes i am having a decrease in laying also.. dd says one of the girls are molting, tummy is bare of feathers..

    are giunea eggs hard to hatch,my dh just called and said a guy he works with is getting lots of guinea eggs and sure some are fertile, and wanted to know if i wanted any. i think i may try it..

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