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Jan 28, 2014
Clinton Michigan
Fmla doesn't have anything to do with insurance. It does protect you from negative effects of having to take time off due to personal illness. An employer can not hold fmla time off against your attendance, nor can they terminate you. It is limited to a max of 12 weeks off in a year. I have had to use it for my own surgery and illness in the past. (Had shingles on my face- worst ever) as well as for both of my parents. It has saved my job multiple times.
Yeah, trust me, go get both of your Shingrex shingles vaccine shots. Mom is mostly over her bout of it from december, but she still having issues with keeping her eye open yet.

But she's feeling a lot better, and went and got herself a new puppy last weekend.

meet Miss Penny Lane. She's a mini Sheltie.


May 26, 2020
Metro Detroit
Predator apron is in! Attached to the wood on the top and used 6" galvanized staples around the edge. Had a few spots where the hardware cloth had overlapping seams, so I used hog rings to tighten those up(red line). Do I need hog rings on the opposite side of the overlap as well (blue line)? Or no since that edge is on the inside of the coop?
Hardware cloth.png


May 26, 2020
Metro Detroit
Hog rings are set on the other side--I went every few inches instead of every ring like I did on the open side.

I've read a lot of negatives about sand in the run. To do a dust bath, do I just rake back the grass and let them use the regular dirt If not sand? I've got fairly sandy soil to begin with. I've got a 4'x4'x16" section under the coop that I figured would be their dust bath area.

Got my starter emergency kit ready: sav-a-chick electrolytes/probiotics, NutriDrench, Vetricyn spray, VetRx liquid, gauze. Anything else you would say is a must have in your emergency kit?

I was a girl scout and like to be super prepared :D


Chicken Juggler!
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Nov 27, 2012
SW Michigan
My Coop
Kit sounds good.

If under coop stays dry would be good for dust bathing, if not dry it'll freeze solid.
Might add sand there and use coarse wood chipping once grass is gone on the rest of the run.

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