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Jul 10, 2020
Central Michigan
My Coop
This is my first little flock and they are all from Townline. Never having done this before, the sales people at farm and home encouraged me to get 5 different birds...honestly, they were horrible to work with (but that’s another story)

I have one more waiting to lay...she is an Americana...or as many have told me a fancy Easter Egger. She is suppose to lay blue eggs. That will round out my colors for this year.

They are all wonderful ladies and I’m learning a lot from them and more from BYC. 😉
It’s my first year too!! I have 15 that I ordered directly from Townline :eek: so we went for it! I have 3 of those fancy EEs too!!! And 3 Olive Eggers, 3 Light Brahmas, 3 Welsummers, and 3 Black Sex Links. And no eggs:barnie

I would love to see pictures of your flock! See if they look anything like mine, mine all turned out so different looking (the EEs don’t look alike and the Olive Eggers don’t look alike I mean).


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Apr 20, 2011
Paradise, MI
Not good.
You need a balanced diet, especially with your health issues.
Get some assistance.
Easier said than done. There hasn't been a pop-up food pantry in more than a month. There was one a few days ago but I had to work and it was about 40 miles away. Most of the food from the pop-ups aren't good for people with diabetes. It's mostly stuff that raises the glucose pretty high. Yet any food is good when that's all you can get. It's a good thing that I have chickens for the eggs. It does get tedious eating the same thing day after day.

But things are getting better. Right? :idunno :fl

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