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Feb 24, 2021
SW, Michigan
I cannot believe that I have missed so much. Sorry guys. Had a heck of a week. Last week was the 18th and Sally and I had lunch. The following Monday, spent 10 hrs in the ER. Had no idea I could hurt myself sleeping. Had a pinched nerve. Saw my PCP and getting an ultrasound but in November. Everything s backlogged. Will be in Ann Arbor Monday with appointments all day. But just wanted to check in with you all. Glad that RaZ is back home. Hi again to Itsibitsy and everyone else. I must go to bed. Tonight should be 37 and have been trying my best to makle any improvement to the Gallinero. Have to load a small video I took this morning or little mama crowing like a roo. It was hilarious. I have heard it but this morning, she did it right in front of me,lol

Love ya all!



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Jun 10, 2012
It's currently 39 degrees here with a breeze coming off the lake. I have a nice fire going. My neighbor/friend has been on a mission to get the new (to me) stove brought in to the house. So here it is sitting in the living room until I can get the old stove out. It's going to be a PITA to get the new stove up on the hearth. The hearth is 8 inches higher than than the floor.

The current stove is vented on the top while the new one is vented out the back. The new stove is larger than the old one. It's going to take up the full depth of the hearth. Getting the chimney connected is going to be a challenge. I'll get it figured out. Prepare to hear a bunch of swear words when I start working on it.
I might be able to help for a day. Just ask. Give me about a week of notice beforehand.
Here I am again checking in after another hiatus. How's all my old friends doing? Still have one hold over doeling Nigerian Dwarf I just can't seem to sell. All the other went like hotcakes and in my opinion she was the cutest, and friendliest. Ducks are starting to slow the lay down so I'll be telling the customers it'll be another long winter for eggs. What else? Integrated some Easter Eggers we raised and they fly the coop everyday! They go right to the apples and feast whil the entire flock stays in the coop. Darn birds. I do have a few Jersey Giants that will be ready to integrate maybe before the New Year. Have to decide if Mr. Big Pig is wintering over in his house or my freezer. Always too much to do.
I'm interested in your Nigerian dwarf doeling. Can you post a picture?


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Aug 21, 2009
Belding Michigan
I have some type of blood infection thus the PICC and daily infusions. Four more days of Ceftriaxone & 10 days of Heparin. Then I can schedule the TEE. That is if the infection has cleared up. :fl

I see my PCP on Monday for a full review of what has happened and to get some things scheduled. After 3 score of years some of my parts are wearing out or breaking down. I especially want to get this knee replaced.

As for the PICC, I make sure to keep it clean and covered like the visiting nurse showed me. My right arm has an infection where I had an IV. The infection occurred while I was in the hospital. I would have thought that the daily antibiotics would take care of that but it seems to be getting worse. Hopefully it can be addressed by my PCP when I see her on Monday.

I hate talking about my health issues. It sounds so darn whiney. But I'm doing everything I can to get better. I just hope it is sooner than 3 months.
Raz , remember the trouble Opa had, infections from hospitals are not to be ignored. MAKE them listen to you


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Apr 20, 2011
Paradise, MI
Raz , remember the trouble Opa had, infections from hospitals are not to be ignored. MAKE them listen to you
I am. I might have to become the patient from hell but I'm going to stay on top of them for information and/or treatments. I saw the colonoscopy doctor earlier this morning. They need info from the hospital before they can schedule the procedure.
This afternoon I'll be seeing my PCP to make sure that info is being shared and coordinated for treatment. This all feels like self-serve doctoring. Is that where we are heading? DIY medicine?

Anyway, chickens and ducks are doing well. Moult time is here so only a couple of eggs each day. It's a light moult. No naked birds, just some feathers here and there.

I've had scads of woodpeckers coming in. I've spotted at least 6 different species in the feeders. I sure do enjoy seeing them.

Folly's place

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Sep 13, 2011
southern Michigan
Today, it's really raining, cold, and breezy. Not nice outside! Thirteen wild turkeys in the yard this morning, now in the south field, all watchable from the living room. Nifty!
All these different doctors, and if you don't make sure everything is coordinated, nobody will. Computerized medical records have NOT made things easier!


Jul 1, 2017
Upper Midwest, USA
Folly's place said:
Computerized medical records have NOT made things easier!
Which is so dang dumb!!!


I think at least part of the reason is they are forcing to too much "check the box" thinking - at the very least without enough options of "other" as a box to check.

And part is too much looking at a computer screen during the appointments instead of watching the eyes and the body language of the patient.

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