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Apr 20, 2011
Paradise, MI
:( No. More. Falls!

I haven't put the blade on the UTV yeti. I'm thinking that I won't plow all that often. With the driveway being dirt I can't get down to a bare surface. Last year I would leave about 1/2 inch no matter which blade I used. That then turned to ice overnight and I did fall a couple of times. Maybe a thicker layer will provide better footing. Besides, the UTV has been acting up. Hard to start and draining the battery all to easily. It charges just fine with the trickle charger but loses the charge way to quickly. I need a new battery but that will have to wait until my next allowance or the one after that.


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May 31, 2018
East, Tawas Michigan
He sure is!
Was wondering the dimensions of the fencing for scale.
Panels are 39.6" tall, & 31.5 inches wide.
Here's my other boy with top in view.

Sally PB

Crossing the Road
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Aug 7, 2020
Belding, MI
I'm waiting for the roads to improve so I can go to Meijers. We're almost out of milk, else I wouldn't go.

We got 2-3" of heavy wet snow overnight. I'll need to broom off the run roof again.

The sun coming over the hill is very pretty!


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Jun 10, 2012
I really appreciate how you have extended yourself to get good pictures for me. I will have to pass on him. That wing deformation is more than likely an actual defect that could get passed on by breeding him, maybe not in the first generation, but somewhere down the line it will show up again. With being a color breeder to some extent, the white in the flight feathers is a major no no. I have experienced both the flight feathers being out of alignment and the extra white in the wing in my breeding efforts. I still have issues even after 14 years of trying to breed out improper wing feather alignment. It'll disappear for a few years and then it will show up again just when you think you're completely clear of it. I had a cockerel show up with it this year after five years of not having it. What I've been doing is keeping record of where it comes from and elimimating all that breeding stock. After 14 years of trying to deal with it by breeding away from it, I have about come to the conclusion that it's almost impossible. The white in the flight feathers is also difficult to get rid of down the line.

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