Micro eggs should I be concerned?Updated! Apparently so...

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    So my barred rock has laid 4 micro eggs in a row this week do I need to be concerned she has a serious issue going on with her reproductive tract. By all accounts she seems to be acting normal. Out and about and eating, drinking, pooping as normal. She is approx. 10 months old and started laying in September. She has laid three of these tiny eggs previously over course of last few months but never in a row. This week today is four in a row. I'm a little bit concerned. These are tiny yolk less eggs with normal strength egg shell.
    She is fed layer feed. She has oyster shell available and she is supplemented with greens and meal worms daily.

    Update 2/28/12
    Unfortunately I lost my barred rock today. I walked into the chicken coop and saw her lying in the corner of the coop. I don't mean to be cold but as I approached I was praying she would be dead. I didn't want her to be ill and suffer through me trying to rehab her only to die at a later date. Luckily she was...She appeared not have suffered. She was just out and about acting normal, eating, drinking and enjoying the day just the day prior to me finding her.
    The only thing I can figure is that something went wrong with her reproductive tract to cause her demise. She was no acting ill and had no outward signs of any problem other than most recent issues with the egg laying. She had laid me approximately 12 micro eggs over the past couple of weeks with only one normal one in between.
    I am so bummed out as she was suppose to be one of my long term layers. She would have just turned one year old. I was shocked as I never expected to loose her so soon. She laid the most beautiful little brown speckled eggs. I don't take this lightly as I know she is not easily replaced. It seems to take so long to get them up to speed and introducing a couple of new birds to an existing flock is never an easy prospect as I have already experienced.
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    howdy fellow NHer. I'd say not to worry. The weather has been crazy cold, then warm, greyish. I think it is rough on the chickens, even with a light on. I also have a BR that randomly lays "yolkless" eggs. You might see if she is actually laying 2 eggs a day, first being normal and second being minus the yolk. Good luck!

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