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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by JennCP, Jan 4, 2019.

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    Jan 4, 2019
    Hi. I have three three-week-old Midget White Turkey poults I hatched Dec. 13-15. They now weigh 314, 292, and 234 grams. I am not sure which hatched on what date. These three are/will be pets and hopefully the start of a flock. Does anyone have a list of average weights for midget white poults at various ages? Is it possible to tell about gender from their weights or is it just because one is a bit younger. The largest one has somewhat darker down than the mid-weight and smaller poults. Their snoods are just tiny little bumps right now. They are all quite vigorous. I have been feeding them 24% Dumor starter. I wanted to start them on organic feed but haven’t been able to find it where I live. They outgrew
    Their initial brood box and are now in a 2x4x2 cage I built. They are on a solid bottom with pine shavings and have a Brinsea eco glow brooder. I had a heat lamp as well for the first two weeks, but when I kicked the 2-month-old chicks outside so the poults could have more space the lamp went with the chickens. I haven’t had turkeys before. I’ve had chickens for nearly five years. So far, other than the size, the major differences I’ve seen have been in temperament. The turkeys seem to have imprinted on me, and want to cuddle and sleep in my lap. How warm does it need to be for them to live outside? (I am in upstate New York.) How old do they have to be before they begin to lay? How old before I can tell whether they are male or female. Will it be a problem if one is female and two are male? I really hope it’s the other way around, but I have no clue how to tell at this age.
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    Welcome to BYC, and good luck in getting answers to your questions. Good luck with them.
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    Jan 4, 2019
    Thanks. I haven’t gotten any answers, so for now I am weighing them once a week and will keep rack of it so I will have the data for the future.
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    I don't know about weights. But my MW toms started displacing very early compared to other turkeys I've owned. About 9-10 weeks I was pretty sure who was a what. MWs are nice turkeys.
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    Hello JennCP.
    Welcome to BYC.
    If you could split your questions up and post them in the relevant forums I'm sure you'll get a better response.:)

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